How to Choose the Right Exercise?

Do You know how To Choose The Right Exercise For Weight Loss?

Right Exercise: Many people find it difficult to choose the weight, but it is one of the most important exercises during exercise.

The wrong choice of weight can significantly retrain your progress.

The muscle exercise programs use the combination of instrumentation as gravity (in the form of dull and hunters), as well as their weight training.

We offer you how to choose the right exercise weight on the initial stage of muscle mass, so start counting the success.

Right Exercise
Right Exercise

Own Exercise Weight

Some weight training is better for some people than others.

This is because the body composition of all human beings is different, which is determined by the body fat and the LBM (Lean Body Mass).

It is often believed that LBM only consists of muscles but in fact everything except fat.

In general, body composition is the percentage of body fat, for example 10% body fat.

Two people can have the same weight, but they have different body contents.

For example, someone who weighs 80 kg of body fat and 72 kg of LBM, while others who have 80 kg, 30% have fat and LBM 56 kilograms.

In addition to the same weight, the person with a low body fat indicator is more flexible and easily performs exercises that involve a large part of your body. Such as chairs or hip fracture. Roughly speaking, they have more moving and less “dead weight”.

Still, the thin man faces difficulties in mastering the training techniques.

If you do not know how to carry your car, This is why it is recommended to start exercising with the weight we offer below.

After you increase your repetitions and learn the techniques of the movements, you can add yourself to the addition of heaviness.

  • Bridge on the floor
  • Bridge
  • Females
  • Climbing climbing
  • String
  • Steps
  • Classic Press

If you are more descriptive – you want a customized program, visit the link and purchase the correct nutrition and training program that will help you achieve your goals quickly and easily.

Weight Training

For some exercise, your own weight is not enough.

For example, you can train the shoulders and learn the movement yourself without weight, but that’s almost all of the extra weight.

In fact, adding weight can be more helpful when learning to practice.

There are two basic types of the additional weight the hunters and the exterior. They use full control over the movement.

Properly chosen weight is important for training since you can add a 1-3 repetition.

So if you do 10 repetitions, the first time you could do 11-13. If the first visit is only 9 or less, it is very difficult to adjust and adjust accordingly.

By contrast, if you can do 14 or more, it is lighter and you need to increase your weight.

The number of repetitions will be reduced in parallel since the muscle is taken, so you do not have to train them before injuring.

If you do not make the required number in the first set, you will still be able to do it again when the result is repeated.

If you continue with the same amount, there is a great chance that you get the equipment wrong and get damaged.


Nicholas Perricone, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist, a nutritionist who has written several books, primarily on the subjects of weight loss and maintaining the appearance of youth. Perricone is an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University’s College of Human Medicine, from which he received his MD. He has over 40 U.S patents and appeared in two special programs on PBS. Perricone sells his own line of skin care and weight loss products.

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